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Ancient Aliens genetic engineering of human brain

Fingerprints of Our Ancient Alien Genetic Engineers

“The way to evolve a human from a chimp-human ancestor is not to speed the ticking of the molecular clock as a whole. Rather the secret is to have rapid change occur in sites where those changes make an important difference in an organism's functioning.” – Katherine Pollard

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Evidence of Ancient Alien Contact Has Been Found

Ancient astronaut theorists have long searched for the smoking gun evidence that confirms once and for all that advanced extra-terrestrials have visited planet Earth in ancient or prehistoric times. We can now confirm ...

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Cosmic gorilla

ET Civilizations won’t be Detected by Radio Signals

A team of psychologists from the University of Cádiz have added their criticisms of S.E.T.I. methodology to those of a growing number of scientists Some of you may know the psychological experiment in which viewers ...

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