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News – Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of our 800,000-Year-Old Alien Legacy

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Anomalous Aerial Vehicle Crash & Debris Recovered in Wales, UK

The Ministry of Defence investigation gave only one statement on the case, two weeks later, in which they said that the material had not been identified and that no RAF or private aircraft had been lost in the area. The MOD also clarified that no craft had been detected in the area on any radar.

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Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar and the TTSA ‘Read Between the Lines’ Adventure Game

There is a war on for your minds. The gods always love wars so be careful before you throw down your chips and start fighting for any side. It would be easy to highlight that TTSA has done a lot of great stuff, but hold up, whatever they have done is for their purposes, it’s only a side-effect that some results are good for you or me, lets’ call this phenomenon, ‘trickle-down ufonomics’.

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Ancient Aliens genetic engineering of human brain

Fingerprints of Our Ancient Alien Genetic Engineers

“The way to evolve a human from a chimp-human ancestor is not to speed the ticking of the molecular clock as a whole. Rather the secret is to have rapid change occur in sites where those changes make an important difference in an organism's functioning.” – Katherine Pollard

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Evidence of Ancient Alien Contact Has Been Found

Ancient astronaut theorists have long searched for the smoking gun evidence that confirms once and for all that advanced extra-terrestrials have visited planet ...

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Cosmic gorilla

ET Civilizations won’t be Detected by Radio Signals

A team of psychologists from the University of Cádiz have added their criticisms of S.E.T.I. methodology to those of a growing number of scientists Some of ...

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Project Garnet – Scientific Black Project Discovers True Human Origins

Homo sapiens are a species with mysterious origins and it seems some of the top-secret government agencies have also been interested in unravelling the human ...

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