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Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar and the TTSA ‘Read Between the Lines’ Adventure Game – Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of our 800,000-Year-Old Alien Legacy

Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar and the TTSA ‘Read Between the Lines’ Adventure Game

Marketing a book is typically a straight forwards affair. The author makes an agreement with their publisher to do various activities including interviews, book signings and social media promotion. The publisher agrees to list the book on their website, attempts to sell the rights internationally and then perhaps offers some basic help with book promotion.

There is however nothing typical about the way things are done over at Tom DeLonge’s mysterious public benefit corporation, To The Stars Academy (TTSA), the world’s first combined anomalous aerial phenomena consultancy & media production company. It’s very well-known that TTSA has successfully utilised several US Navy videos to help to change the conversation on UFOs in the media, even helping to rebrand them as Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). The company has also produced a series for the History Channel that follows some of their own UAP investigations, ‘Unidentified’. Finally, DeLonge has collaborated with authors to produce a series of fiction and non-fiction books under his Sekret Machines trademark.

It’s all been quite the real-life adventure story thus far, a multi-millionaire punk rock star allegedly being fed secrets from army generals, NASA directors, Skunkworks staff and even a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton. Secrets that concern encounters with alien lifeforms and possible interdimensional craft. All of which we only know because of a WikiLeaks intervention that provided the public access to John Podesta’s private emails (the Clinton advisor).

The Wikileaks expose should have been the end of the ‘disclosure’ road for Tom, but instead, he was found by a team of former government officials and intelligence agents who also shared his desire for a public rethink on the ‘UFO’ subject. Suddenly a new group of advisors stepped in and got the TTSA show firmly on the road with – absolutely no influence from the paranormal obsessed aerospace billionaire, Bob Bigelow, who just happens to be connected to pretty much all of them. [cough cough]

I just want to stop here and say I love adventure games. I was ‘that kid’ who had all the Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books, played text-based adventure games on his BBC micro instead of playing football. I also dreamed of becoming a powerful wizard, after all a warrior is just a convenient meat shield for a mage to stand behind while he invokes fireballs. Solving puzzles to get to the next stage of a quest is what I spent years doing, quite frankly it’s pretty much all I do today but just in a more adult sense. Sometimes my quest means going off to Egypt, Mexico or the mountains of Georgia, dealing with anomalous entities or at other times it’s just tackling some online weirdness.

The TTSA saga is just my kind of thing, an augmented reality role-playing adventure game replete with purported magical beings, mysterious councils of advisors, whispers of a possible invasion by bug people and a group of science-wizards crafting powerful technologies in preparation for the inter-dimensional showdown.

So, we explorers are wondering, what next from Lord Tom and high council?

This is where we get to the international man of mystery, Robert (Bob) Lazar, the man who put the US secret base Area 51 on our maps. Ironically, considering that Bob is best known for his Area 51 connection, Bob states he never even worked there, but at a sub-site called S4 that is still not on any maps!

The Bob Lazar story should need no telling to readers of this blog, but if you don’t know then you are in luck, because he has just written his biography, ‘Dreamland: An Autobiography’ included is a foreword by the very same Las Vegas-based journalist that first brought his story to the public, George Knapp. Indeed, it’s this new book that is our focus today, coming as it does with a scattering of breadcrumbs for hungry adventurers following this trail.

Back in October 2017, Tom DeLonge was on the super popular Joe Rogan show, in what is widely considered a train-wreck of an interview (partly because Tom had to give various no-comment replies). During this conversation, Tom revealed that he would be putting out Bob Lazar’s autobiography. Despite two years passing we have not heard anything more about that project, and yet, the book is now available on Amazon – at least ‘partly’.

For a while now there have been questions over whether TTSA would still be publishing Bob’s book, the publisher is listed as Interstellar, which turns out to be a small mysterious imprint with only one title in its listing, the Lazar autobiography. Strangely there was no clarification of who owns this imprint, but on the Amazon page for the autobiography, an error (or clue) was left that helped solve this puzzle. While the official launch date for the book was recently moved from the end of September to October 15th (the same date as Tom’s new Sekret Machines book), somehow the audio version did not get ‘correctly updated’ we are left to assume. This audiobook also included a small note stating that TTSA retained the copyright.


Credit here goes to Ivan Buchanan-Januskevic for finding the Interstellar website and highlighting its logo of white lines passing through a tower-like rectangle, all on a black background. Ivan also noted that the name Interstellar, of course, refers to the space between the stars. The potential link to Tom’s company ‘To The Stars’ seemed clear, but also a potential clue was found in his cryptic words uttered during his Open Minds UFO researcher of the year award thank you speech. The words of interest from the video (he did not physically come to claim his award) concerns those white lines in the publishing companies’ logo.

“But I want you, as an educated group of people, to read between the lines, and look at the history of what I’ve been doing the past couple years, and get a sense of what the hell I’m getting ready to do. If you guys come along for the ride, it’s going to be pretty fantastic. I’ll leave you with one thing: my job has only just begun on this subject matter, and there’s some big sh*t planned, and I’m excited about it. Just remember, that whatever happens in the civilian world, it’s game on. Okay?” – Tom DeLonge

Well, I’m a reasonably educated guy who likes to play puzzle games, so this all suits me just fine, for now. Game on then, Tom. Bob’s new imprint’s name references the space between things (stars in this case) and a logo made largely of lines, certainly suggests we are at the next checkpoint and are meant to read this book. More correctly, as we have been channelled towards the audiobook, it seems we are meant to listen to Bob Lazar’s story for more clues.

The final proof of the TTSA ownership of Interstellar came from a who.is domain ownership search, assumedly this was also meant to be found or else they would have arranged to hide this information.

Now, keep in mind this line from Tom’s speech above, “look at the history of what I’ve been doing the past couple years, and get a sense of what the hell I’m getting ready to do”, it is undeniable that Bob Lazar is very representative of the history of UFO disclosure and insider whistleblowing. This is the same thing Tom has suggested that he is himself involved with, thanks to his high-level connections (both the visible and invisible advisors). I’d suggest that Tom is telling us that what he intends to do approximates Bob’s story. We should expect then a revelation of downed craft, secret engineering projects and a private industry anomalous aerial vehicle cover-up that exists beyond the reach of ‘civilian world’ governments.

Keep in mind here that Tom is telling us he is running his project as a game. Which most of us have noticed in the past with respect to his tendency to drop hints on Twitter and then quickly delete them again, and even to try removing old radio interviews in a couple of cases. This is a fundamentally annoying tactic, especially for someone supposedly bringing clarity to a murky topic. What we are seeing is essentially a form of marketing in which the ‘customer’ is made to actively engage with activities before they ‘earn’ the right to access the final product (whatever that may be and whatever it may cost).

TTSA’s ‘non-marketing’ approach to selling Bob Lazar’s book is clearly part of a wider strategy of gameplay, with even the author himself and the writer of the foreword, George Knapp, all silent about the release. Indeed, there has been zero build-ups, no interviews, no articles, nothing to even promote the launch date. It looks as if the book is meant to be a kind of ‘Easter egg’ that can be tracked down and deciphered by those few really paying attention. You don’t just forget you have a book coming out, that much is for sure, and there is nothing normal about a publisher hiding a new book from their storefront.

Whether you trust Tom Delonge, his visible TTSA advisors, or his invisible black world sources, is a matter of personal choice. I take what I feel is a wise position, distrusting all of them, they are strangers to me. When I was young children were taught about stranger danger. Even if the stranger offers you some yummy sweets or offers to let you pet his puppies, you don’t get in their car, right?

I am, of course, still very interested in what all these intriguing characters are all up to and will continue to scrutinise their activities.

There is a war on for your minds. The gods always love wars so be careful before you throw down your chips and start fighting for any side. It would be easy to highlight that TTSA has done a lot of great stuff, but hold up, whatever they have done is for their purposes, it’s only a side-effect that some results are good for you or me, lets’ call this phenomenon, ‘trickle-down ufonomics’.

The game being played here really is the only one in town once you reach a certain place in life, social engineering, eventually, anyone with the brains and the means will sit down at the table and deal-in. Never assume that the guy at the table intends to split his winnings with you just because he bought you a drink after his last win. Social engineering never seems to benefit everyone, there will be winners and losers, that much is guaranteed.

So, just remember what your mum, dad and teachers told you, never trust strangers. Heck in the theatre of ‘Ufology’ you are wise to listen to the X-Files wisdom, “trust no one” the dying words spoken by Mulder’s black world contact, ‘Deep Throat’.

Deep Throat said “trust no one.” And that’s hard, Scully. Suspecting everyone, everything, it wears you down. You even begin to doubt what you know is the truth. – Agent Fox Mulder

Some of us have a head start in this game because we know where some of this stuff is going. Personally, I have seen the jumping crafts that Lazar showed to his friends, watched one popping in and out of reality, skipping around the sky, one dark night a couple of decades back. As for the really weird information that Bob said that he encountered at S4, stuff on the modification of ancient humans, ahem, or should I say ‘containers’, just don’t dismiss it outright. Let’s leave that for another day, heck, this is a long enough post already.

While I advise caution, it’s not my place to tell you whether Bob Lazar is a liar and a shill, or whether perhaps that applies to Tom DeLonge. They’re convinced that there on the same side, whichever one that may be and that’s a fact. If one of them is being straight and not the other, this new relationship means someone just got compromised. So, let’s hope for the best, but always plan for the worst.

Time to go listen to Dreamland and see whether there are any tasty morsels in there. Game on.


  • comment-avatar
    Vern 8th October 2019 (2:41 am)

    Nicely crafted! I’m not 100% on-board with Lazar’s story, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why he wouldn’t just shut up about it if he made it all up. In that case, he’d want it forgotten… that’s not what’s happening. He’s constantly dragged out of the shadows to do one more appearance here or there. Now he has a book on all of this? I’ve met a few VERY odd people in the past, but if Bob is making all/most of this up, he’s certainly one of the most deranged to keep the game going for so long.

    • comment-avatar
      PleiadianHybrid 8th October 2019 (5:39 pm)

      Hi Vern,

      It is a long time to keep on telling a lie, and as you say the best thing would be to quit while ahead having managed to retain a lot of believers all these years and got on with his life. In my view either he is largely telling the truth or someone fed him a lot of reality-based information, there is too much there to just dismiss the entire case out of hand. Still, there are holes and people are right to be cuations and sceptical, after all, he does not have much solid evidence he can offer – unless he brings out a sample of the saucer fuel…

      His is certainly a story I would like to see reach an interesting conclusion, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

      Best wishes


  • comment-avatar
    Nobody 8th October 2019 (6:41 am)

    Amazing Bruce. And here I thought you were just some random lol.

    Great Post. Cynical and most likely semi accurate. Time will tell.

    It sure was a fascinating conversation today/yesterday.

    So is the audio available to buy is it? Not long now until its officially available. Tempted to do a $30 signed copy. For fun. And access to Jim lol

    Eg did he get visited by ET? Is that why he’s so keen to see this through. If so good on him. If you can’t question the validity of the firewall then yeah… BTW that’s a systems Joke. Small world. 🙂

    BTW that’s amazing you saw those orbs/objects, now it makes sense! Your fascination!

    Keep it up. And those adventure games worked wonders. I played those same games btw. Didn’t know you were on Fade to black as well. Amazing.

    Keep up the great work, your very entertaining. Glad you came back to us.

    Sorry about the sweets. Hope that doesn’t apply to me too lol.

    • comment-avatar
      PleiadianHybrid 8th October 2019 (5:35 pm)

      Much appreciated!

      I probably still count as a random, at least in the ‘UFO community’ as most of my years of research and writing have focussed on other mysteries (especially archaeological). It will be interesting to see if things keep rolling along in this adventure game format fo a while or of TTSA switch to more typical marketing and information sharing, they have talked about peer-review papers and stuff so we will see what happens. I am expecting them to put something big in the media around the book launch time, so probably just before or after the 15th of October.

      If you get to the signing of Sekret Machines grill them as much as you can!

      The teleporting object was the first example of anomalous aerial phenomena that I ever witnessed (along with four friends) and the behaviour made it clear that either aliens were visiting or someone on Earth has gravity drive technologies because planes don’t jump around the sky. Various other experiences have also ensured my interests in the world of strange and anomalous phenomena but that was certainly one of the formative occurrences.

      Turns out adventure games are good prep for real life, who would have guessed?



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