Evidence of Ancient Alien Contact Has Been Found

Ancient astronaut theorists have long searched for the smoking gun evidence that confirms once and for all that advanced extra-terrestrials have visited planet Earth in ancient or prehistoric times. We can now confirm that this ultimate prize has been identified and located, we are talking about wreckage from a highly advanced spacecraft.

If aliens landed on the White House lawn, the person most likely to be notified by government officials is Professor Paul Davies, chair of SETI’s Post-Detection Task Group since 2005. Paul Davies is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist with career experience in quantum physics, and astrophysics. Indeed, Paul Davies is THE expert that governments will want on the team if any sign of aliens is uncovered on this planet. So, let’s refer to him as to how he expects detection of an advanced alien civilization is likely to come about – and he is not expecting it to involve a UFO landing in Washington DC.

At the end of the day, the scenario we’ve been talking about, a radioastronomer looking for a message that has been beamed at us and telling colleagues, I think that is a very unlikely way that we would make this discovery. It’s more likely to come from someone who has no interest in SETI, sees something they don’t understand that over a period of time won’t go away, and other people will dismiss it until it forces itself on the community. – Prof Paul Davies

Not only does Prof Davies not expect aliens to land and announce themselves, he also is very doubtful that the discovery would come through his own SETI science team with their focus on radio waves. Instead, he finds it far more likely that a member of the general public would discover intriguing phenomena that proved itself to be anomalous – one that would take time for the broader community to recognise.

The above description is precisely the situation we find ourselves in, we have seen something that initially was mysterious but has now been resolved to what it actually is, substantial evidence of ancient alien visitation to our world 780,000 years ago. Before going into the specifics let us just hear a bit more from Prof Davies how someone might come by evidence of an ancient ET contact event.

We have no idea how an alien civilization would manifest itself if it’s been around for a very long period of time; it could be in any of the databases that we have. There are vast amounts of genomic data, astronomical data, climatic data, particle physics data; everywhere you look there’s petabytes of data piling up and piling up. Anywhere in that could be some sort of clue, some hint that this is something which has no natural origin and is not a product of human technology. – Prof Paul Davies

While conducting our research into human origins, we detected two lines of evidence within the existing records that matched the description given by Prof Davies. We found compelling hints of phenomena and objects which did not have any apparent natural origin and were certainly not the products of human technology. These discoveries were related to such an ancient period that it also meant that if these beings were still alive today, they would now be advanced beyond our wildest imaginings.

Because this is such a paradigm changing discovery, I am going to preface the details with one last quote from the expert on the topic so that readers will understand that what we have is precisely what he would imagine someone stumbling upon in his hypothetical scenario.

If there were alien technology in the solar system, when did it arrive? A hundred million years ago? What would last a hundred million years? Not much, but there are some things, like nuclear waste. Or any sort of biotechnology that has knock-on effects: If you tinkered with genomes a hundred million years ago, the traces of that would still be with us today. Or any large-scale quarrying: If you chopped up an asteroid in a very distinctive way, that’d still be orbiting. Who knows when we might stumble across such a thing? We’d say, the aliens came, and they’re gone, but they left a calling card inadvertently. That’s going to be one of the biggest discoveries in the history of mankind. We can’t say who they are, where they’re from, or much about when they came, but we can say that we’re no longer alone in the universe. We’ve answered one of those big questions of existence. – Prof Paul Davies

It is true that not many things last for millions of years, or even for hundreds of thousands of years. We were very fortunate to uncover two strains of evidence of this alien technology, the first matches Davies description, “biotechnology that has knock-on effects: If you tinkered with genomes a hundred million years ago, the traces of that would still be with us today” but does not take us so very far back. The detected modification of the human genome is dated to 780,000 years ago, the time that our own lineage, along with Denisovans and Neanderthals, were just starting to diverge away from the last common ancestor these humans shared. Included are a fusion of two chromosomes, cutting of gene segments and replicating them, the creation of new genes from junk DNA and the sudden modification of numerous genes related to the human brain.

That is all fascinating stuff, and enough in itself to be considered the calling card of advanced ET and one of the most significant discoveries in the history of humanity. However, we are not here to talk about the genetic engineering which created Homo sapiens, not today anyway. Through our sources, we became aware of the fact an enormous extraterrestrial craft, which brought the engineers to this planet, exploded in orbit leaving them marooned here. It was this situation which led to the modification of the local hominins.

Scattered across Australia is the debris from a kilometre sized craft, the material is anomalous, occurring once in the entire 4.5-billion-year history of this planet, it also happens to date to the same time as the DNA modifications at 780,000 years ago. In our next article, we will be sharing the full details of this paradigm-changing discovery.



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