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Project Garnet – Scientific Black Project Discovers True Human Origins – Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of our 800,000-Year-Old Alien Legacy

Project Garnet – Scientific Black Project Discovers True Human Origins

Homo sapiens are a species with mysterious origins and it seems some of the top-secret government agencies have also been interested in unravelling the human story. Could it really be that for the last 35 years people in the halls of power have known that a race of aliens created humanity?

On the 9th of April, 1983, noted investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, met with Sgt Richard Doty of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The appointment had been arranged on the understanding that this would initiate collaboration between the US air force and Moulton Howe in the creation of a documentary film. The film production was supposed to share official records of ufos and extraterrestrial beings with the public. The first files to be shared were supposed to provide details on a purported UFO landing at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

In a supposedly private room at Kirtland Air Force Base (it was later confirmed the room was secretly filmed) Doty evaded questions about the Ellsworth landing and instead handed a Moulton Howe a document that he said his superiors wanted her to see. The first line of the papers offered the bold statement ‘Briefing Paper for the President of the United States on the subject of Unidentified Ariel Vehicles (UAVs)’. This was certainly not what this seasoned journalist had been expecting to happen, and when Doty added that she could not take any notes she was left wondering what on earth this strange situation was all about.

Natural curiosity led to an examination of the document, in which several secret projects were highlighted and summarised as well as locations for various crashed saucer craft recovered by the US military. The list of secretive projects included Aquarius, Snowbird, Garnet, Moondust, and Pounce. The project that really stood out for Moulton Howe was Garnet, firstly because it shared its name with her birthstone, secondly because it was not about aerial craft but instead claimed to have “answered all questions and mysteries about the evolution of Homo sapiens on this planet”.

Associated with the investigation of Project Garnet were two further incredible revelations, one was that “extraterrestrials had manipulated DNA in an already evolving primate species to create Homo sapiens” and the second that “2000 years ago the extraterrestrials had created a being to put on this planet to teach Homo sapiens about love and non-violence”.

As we approach the 35th anniversary of this extraordinary meeting we would like to reveal that our research team has now corroborated the central findings claimed by Project Garnet. We can confirm that there is physical and biological evidence of the engineering of Homo sapiens by an alien presence on earth almost 800,000 years ago. We can tell you where they came from, what type of craft they arrived in, which genes they modified and where they set up their laboratory. In fact, we can even identify debris from their wrecked mothership.

We feel that 35 years of secrecy on the matter of human origins needs to be ended and that all humans have a right, indeed a need, to know the truth of our shared origins. Our species is a hybrid of early Homo and Star People that arrived here from a wormhole linking our planet and the Pleiades star cloud. This is not a channelled message or an interpretation of any ancient carvings, there is no reliance on whispers from black project agents – with help from my husband, Bruce R. Fenton, I have identified the physical material from a craft and genetic data in the human genome that scientists in project Garnet uncovered in their investigation. We did this as grassroots researchers free from collusion or contamination.

We do not offer disclosure of any government UFO projects, that is beyond our abilities at this time, but from April 15th we will be able to provide you with solid Ancient Alien Ancestors disclosure. The material we have gathered together rewrites everything humanity thought they knew about human origins. Join us on the journey of a lifetime, it is time to meet the Pleiadian progenitors who birthed Homo sapiens 780,000 years ago in Australia.



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    arthur nye 8th April 2018 (3:07 pm)

    i believe

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    arthur nye 8th April 2018 (3:07 pm)


  • comment-avatar
    Haris Zaman 8th April 2018 (4:14 pm)

    Need further information. I’m amazed at it.

  • comment-avatar
    Bernard MacDonald 17th April 2018 (11:23 am)

    Regret I missed hearing your interview on coast to coast!Sounds like the missing link has been found.

  • comment-avatar
    Alex 30th April 2019 (9:25 am)

    Heard Linda tonight on coasttocoast. This corroborates the work of Zacharia Sitchin and other scholars who have worked for decades translating the clay tablets of the Sumerian civilization, Babylonian, Assyrian, Akkadian, in which they specifically explain the Anunnaki came down from the heavens and created humans in their image after their likeness after ruling the earth for thousands of years.

  • comment-avatar
    T. Yoder 16th May 2019 (1:37 am)

    Wow…people’re so gullible…scary. This’s all SOOOO simple – there’s no need to make human origins complicated. There’s an ancient, ancient book that tells exactly how humans came to be. It’s like a bunch of books within 1 big book. And, honestly, you’d have to be a complete idiot to not believe it. It’s called the Big Info Book for Living Excellently (look at the 1st letter of each main word in the title). Man, it’s the best read ever! And the info contained in it – wow – you can’t believe how dynamic it is & how it radically changes your life! Amazing! If you fall for anything other than what this book specifies, well, I don’t like to say it, but then you’re just a stupid human. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty, but it’s still the truth.

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