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Table of contents Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - The Alien Artefact
Chapter 2 - Intergalactic Travel
Chapter 3 - Did Alien Civilizations Seed DNA on our Planet?
Chapter 4 - Tracing the Mothership
Chapter 5 - Meteoric Bombardment, Pole Shift and Climate Chaos
Chapter 6 - Our First Ancestors were Homo Pleiades
Chapter 7 - Children of Earth

Alien-Human Hybrids

Is DNA an alien technology seeded on Earth? Did an advanced alien intelligence modify our human ancestors?

Indigenous cultures around the planet claim humans have an extraterrestrial ancestry and ancient civilisations including the Maya, Egyptians and Sumerians have left us a similar story in their engravings.

“We originate from the stars, we are star people. The genesis mythologies say this is where we come from. We come from those stars, we are related to those stars.” – Wilfred Buck (Opaskwayak Cree Nation), Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

Insiders from secretive deep state government projects have leaked tantalising clues suggestive of clandestine awareness of Homo sapiens alien genetic ancestry.

“These beings said that man was the product of externally corrected evolution, they said that man as a species had been genetically altered 65 times, they referred to humans as containers, yet I don’t know what we are containers of.” – Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar, Area 51 & S4 whistle-blower

Emmy award-winning journalists have revealed stunning documents linking UFOs, flying saucers and alien entities to Homo sapiens evolutionary journey.

 “By 2009, it seems to me that one of the alleged presidential briefing papers I was shown in 1983 might have been quite accurate in the paragraphs that stated: ‘These extraterrestrials manipulated DNA in already-evolving primates to create Homo sapiens sapiens’”. – Linda Moulton Howe

While most people know that independent researchers have popularised ancient astronaut theory in our culture, less well-known is the fact respected academics have suggested life on Earth began in space. Even Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, posited that DNA was likely seeded here by a cosmic civilisation.

“Statistically speaking, the probability that a highly conserved DNA sequence will change multiple times over 6 million years of evolution is close to zero…” – Katherine S. Pollard, biostatistician

Daniella Fenton, herself a multi-event contactee, teamed up with her scientist husband, Bruce Fenton, to uncover substantial scientific evidence of any role aliens played in Homo sapiens evolution. Beginning with the transmission of specific detailed historical information by an extraterrestrial intelligence the researchers were able to track down absolute proofs of a cosmic link in the evolutionary chain:

  • Wreckage from a huge Pleiadian colony ship gets identified, and the associated NASA studies provided.
  • Claims of cataclysmic retribution unleashed on the entities responsible for the ambush confirmed through academic geological studies.
  • The genetic engineering of Homo sapiens from an early hominin species is confirmed with a lengthy list of DNA anomalies only explainable by humans being an alien ‘hybrid’ creation.

Contact has occurred. Humanity’s true origins revealed. Extraterrestrial disclosure initiated.

What You’ll Learn

  1. DNA Was Seeded on Earth
  2. Ancient Myths Describe Wormholes
  3. Alien Artefacts Exist on Earth
  4. Shamans Encounter Aliens in Altered States
  5. The wreckage of an ET Craft is Identifiedd
  6. Proof Aliens Bombarded Prehistoric Earth
  7. Earth was not Always in Human Hands
  8. Clear DNA Evidence of Genetic Engineering

Daniella Fenton

Researcher – Equine genetics expert – Psychic medium – Shaman – Hypnotherapist

Rewriting History
After 40 years of involvement with supernormal phenomenon and psychic forces as a medium, shaman and past life therapist, there are few things that shock me. Despite my solid grounding in the world of strange phenomena, including close encounters with a triangular UFO/UAP and numerous abduction experiences, I must admit that confirming extraterrestrial involvement in human origins has successfully blown my mind.

I have to thank (or blame) my husband, the noted human origins researcher Bruce Fenton, for bringing my attention to the mysterious story of human origins and assisting in this project. Without Bruce’s support and his detailed scientific analysis, it would not have been possible to achieve the astonishing results we have managed.



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