“Make No Mistake, this is Disclosure via the Backdoor.”

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Table of contents Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - The Alien Artefact
Chapter 2 - Intergalactic Travel
Chapter 3 - Did Alien Civilizations Seed DNA on our Planet?
Chapter 4 - Tracing the Mothership
Chapter 5 - Meteoric Bombardment, Pole Shift and Climate Chaos
Chapter 6 - Our First Ancestors were Homo Pleiades
Chapter 7 - Children of Earth

About Hybrid Humans

“Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? And if so, what if there were clues left behind?”

Thousands of people around the planet claim to have received information from extraterrestrial beings, some of these people even remember living previous lives as non-humans, referring to themselves as – Starseeds.

What if the information these people carry could lead to physical evidence of ancient alien visitation, or identify specific genes implanted into early human ancestors?

Could it be that the star people have already supplied humanity with everything needed to gain full disclosure of the alien presence?

This book offers the definitive answers to these questions and having examined specific claims made by some of these contactees and Starseeds. What we uncovered by following their clues is nothing short of world-changing, paradigm-busting and ushers in a new era on our planet.

We can now reveal to you the specific genetic changes that were carried out to create Homo sapiens 780,000 years ago, including genes that appeared suddenly from ‘junk DNA’ as well as the sudden fusion of chromosome-2. Most spectacular of all your will see photographs of debris from the extraterrestrial mothership that carried the engineers to our planet 780,000 years ago (images are accessed via embedded hyperlinks in the Kindle version).

Contact has occurred, the disclosure is here. Welcome to the bold new future of Earth.

What You’ll Learn

  1. DNA Was Likely Seeded on Earth
  2. Ancient Mythology Describes Wormholes
  3. ET Past Lives Can Provide Objective Data
  4. Shamans Encounter Aliens in Their Altered States
  5. The wreckage of an ET Craft is Revealed
  6. ET Deliberately Bombarded Prehistoric Earth
  7. Earth was not Always in Human Hands
  8. Clear DNA Evidence of Genetic Engineering

Daniella Fenton

From International Horse Brokerage to Shamanism, Past Lives and Ancient Alien Hybrids – its been quite a journey.

Rewriting History
I am still in some shock myself as to how I somehow transitioned from being a ‘go to’ person in the world of international horse brokering, to authoring books on ancient aliens.

In 2011, I was busy working on my first book, a manual about the stunning Friesian horses of Holland. My head was undoubtedly full of bloodlines, genetic disorders, gene expression, frozen embryos and my dream of creating a new hybrid, but that was all within the field of equestrianism. It never occurred to me that I would one day write on much the same topics but with humans and extraterrestrials taking centre stage.

Here I am today working with my husband, the noted human origins researcher Bruce Fenton, uncovering the hidden story of human beginnings. This work is so unusual that it even makes my other roles as a certified regression therapist, licensed shamanic healer and spiritual medium, sound perfectly slightly mundane by comparison. Sometimes life sometimes takes you down paths you never even knew existed. I hope you enjoy walking this one with me.



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Published: First Ed. 14/04/2018;
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Ancient News

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