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Hybrid Humans: Scientific Evidence of our 800,000-Year-Old Alien Legacy – Extraterrestrial genetic engineering of Homo sapiens alien-human hybrids

“Make No Mistake, this is Disclosure via the Backdoor.”

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Table of contents Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - The Alien Artefact
Chapter 2 - Intergalactic Travel
Chapter 3 - Did Alien Civilizations Seed DNA on our Planet?
Chapter 4 - Tracing the Mothership
Chapter 5 - Meteoric Bombardment, Pole Shift and Climate Chaos
Chapter 6 - Our First Ancestors were Homo Pleiades
Chapter 7 - Children of Earth

Alien-Human Hybrids

“Our hypothesis is that a more advanced extraterrestrial civilization was engaged in creating new life and planting it on various planets. Earth is just one of them. What we see in our DNA is a programme consisting of two versions, a giant structured code and a simple or basic code.”
– Vladimir Sherbak (astrophysicist) & Maxim Makulov (astrobiologist)

For millennia cultures around the globe have claimed to have star origins, passing on stories of an advanced alien intelligence responsible for genetically engineering the first humans. Today we finally have the scientific technologies to explore this claim and bring it to an objective conclusion.

Hybrid Humans offers the confirming evidence that Homo sapiens is an alien-hybrid species established by a wealth of supporting scientific data. Hybrid Humans follows in the tradition of trail breaking ancient astronaut books by Lloyd Pye, Erich von Däniken and Zacharia Sitchin. Any fans of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens will most certainly appreciate this book!

In 1995, an unassuming Australian lady, Valerie Barrow, found herself temporary custodian of an ancient sacred Aboriginal artifact. Unknown to her, the mysterious ‘Churinga’ object was, in fact, an incredible extraterrestrial device with an on-board consciousness. Today we would know this as a Bracewell Probe, an alien sentinel left here to monitor our world and eventually make contact.

The resident alien intelligence introduced itself as Alcheringa, an entity from the Dreamtime, and then began to transfer information directly into Valerie’s mind via a voice-to-skull interface. The historical events Alcheringa revealed are destined to profoundly change our understanding of human origins and humanity’s place in the cosmos.

Hybrid Humans does not require any faith from its readers – every claim is validated by objective physical evidence. Guided by Alcheringa’s transmission, Daniella, and her husband Bruce Fenton, successfully tracked down the remaining crystalline wreckage from the enormous mother-ship. The husband and wife team also identified specific anomalies in human DNA, the very fingerprints of the highly advanced extraterrestrial genetic engineers.

“Sooner or later … we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extraterrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we think it is.” 
– Maxim Makulov, Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute

While most people know that independent researchers have popularised ancient astronaut theory in our culture, less well-known is the fact respected academics have suggested life on Earth began in space. Even Francis Crick, the Nobel Prize-winning co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, posited that DNA was likely seeded here by a cosmic civilisation.

“Statistically speaking, the probability that a highly conserved DNA sequence will change multiple times over 6 million years of evolution is close to zero…”

Katherine S. Pollard, biostatistician


Contact has occurred. Humanity’s true origins revealed. Extraterrestrial disclosure initiated.

What You’ll Learn

  1. DNA Was Seeded on Earth
  2. Ancient Myths Describe Wormholes
  3. Alien Artefacts Exist on Earth
  4. Shamans Encounter Aliens in Altered States
  5. The wreckage of an ET Craft is Identifiedd
  6. Proof Aliens Bombarded Prehistoric Earth
  7. Earth was not Always in Human Hands
  8. Clear DNA Evidence of Genetic Engineering

Daniella & Bruce Fenton

DANIELLA FENTON is an Australian independent researcher focussed on the studies of anomalous phenomena and genetics. Having spent most of her life involved with parapsychology through both personal experiences and investigation, she has gained an intimate knowledge of the workings of all things dubbed ‘high strangeness’. Daniella is also an international horse broker and shamanic practitioner.

BRUCE R. FENTON is a British multidisciplinary scientific researcher and media personality, he also curates the popular paleoanthropology website AncientNews.net. Bruce graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a Higher National Diploma in Information Systems. His expeditions to megalithic ruins in the Amazon jungle and in the Georgian Caucasus have seen him feature in the UK Telegraph newspaper and on the Science Channel.



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Publication Information

ISBN: 9781980846604
Paperback: 170 pages

Published: First Ed. 14/04/2018;
Available in: English

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Ancient News

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